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Economic Growth

Do we need growth?

Why we might need to adjust our views about strong economic growth and productivity.


The future of energy

A new IMF working paper traces the role of oil in the global economy beyond 2040. But are our energy intensity projections accurate? If so, will a low oil price cause a macroeconomic shock of historic proportions in the Middle East?


Is the global financial system stable?

The Financial Stability Board just released its sixth report on the implementation of resolution reforms. New research on CCP, bank capital ratios and shadow banking cast doubt on whether the global financial system is now “safer, simpler and fairer than before”.

Economic Growth

Views on the global economy

How will the global economy look like in 50 years? Views from the US and Asia.


The marriage market

Palais and al. on what is draining women’s ambition. Autor and al. on the marriage undesirability of manufacturing workers.


On inflation

Can big corporate deals and value chains provide an explanation for why the Phillips curve has flattened?

Economic Science

Ten most read posts in June

A list of commentaries and research papers which got the highest number of views during June 2017.


New and noteworthy books in economics (July)

Three notable new books on: Central Banking, alternative currencies and currency conflicts.

Economic Science

Economic experts

The tug of war between economists and politicians.


Structural reforms

New research on when are structural reforms implemented, which reforms have the largest impact on GDP and what is the interplay between the government and the private sector that makes reforms successful.

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