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Economic Science

The latest on incomplete information

As computational and communication technologies develop will incomplete information be for or against free markets?


“Should policymakers care about inequality?”

…not the answer you would expect!

Economic Science

Rethinking… everything!

What lessons did we draw from the financial crisis and how they affect monetary and fiscal policies and financial regulation.

Monetary Policy

On forward guidance

Does central bank communication create more confusion? Recent research on the forward guidance puzzle.

Economic Science

To nudge or not to nudge!

Behavioral economics and its discontents.


Bail-ins and bail-outs

Three new working papers on bank resolution frameworks, government guarantees and credibility of bail-in strategies.

Financial Markets

A period of high risk

What are the risks hidden behind the financial markets’ current exuberance… and does “finance benefit society”?

Monetary Policy

Phillips Curve?

Is it time to bury the Phillips curve?


Shadow banking post-crisis

How has post-crisis banking regulation affected shadow banking? The rise of fintech and the challenge of interconnectedness between EU and the US.


After the German elections

Interesting conjectures on the rise of right-wing populism in Germany and suggestions of how to move forward by a prominent group of Franco-German economists.

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