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Does divestment work?

The prevailing belief is that divestment policies to address climate change are for the most part ineffective. Interesting new research shows that the impact of both  divestment campaigns and banks’ divestment policies is actually quite large.


Rethinking industrial policy (Part B)

As economists are re-thinking industrial policy, the critics raise more concerns.


Rethinking industrial policy (Part A)

Industrial policy is no longer a taboo, actually it is taking center stage as countries develop policies to ensure a green, digital, and inclusive recovery after COVID-19.

Economic Science

Economic decision making

Two new research papers on how to model the complexity of economic decisions and its implications for behavior in macro models.


On inflation risk insurance

New research highlighting which financial institutions hedged for inflation risk.

Economic Growth

Talk of recession again

Is the U.S. achieving a soft landing? Is China’s economy dangerously slowing down?

Monetary Policy

The importance of financial stability to monetary policy moves

Are central banks less willing to target inflation when financial markets are in distress?

Ukraine-Russia War

On the reconstruction of Ukraine

Latest estimates of the reconstruction costs and suggestions of who should pay for them.

Financial Markets

Narratives and financial market crashes

Brand new research highlights how media propagate narratives that can lead to stock market volatility and crashes.


Inequality and cost of living

New research on how the assumption of non-homothetic preferences in models with high income dispersion affects the cost of living.

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