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Ukraine-Russia War

Why have Russian sanctions failed

The sanctions regime imposed on Russia has led to only a small dent in its economy. Interesting commentary and research explaining why.


The acrimony over ESG

The merits of the recent movement seeking to prohibit financial institutions from following ESG guidelines.


On government policies

New research on the credibility of government policies aimed at preserving fiscal prudence and price stability.

Monetary Policy

Managing a soft landing

New research on whether the Fed can engineer a soft landing.


New and noteworthy books in economics (February)

Four books, four authors who think “outside the box:” on how to tackle the complexity of environmental policy; on regionalism vs globalization; on the truth about India’s economic growth; and on how central banks became so powerful.


AI in economics

Using machine learning to solve complex models and HANC models without the Krusell-Smith aggregation.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy and financial instability

More evidence on how persistently loose monetary policy, through its effect on financial markets can lead to a financial crisis.


Inequality and aggregate fluctuations

In a highly unequal economy social comparisons can lead to more risk taking or high precautionary savings depending on whether households engage in upward or downward comparisons.


The monetary-fiscal policy nexus in the Eurozone

New research highlights the effects of monetary policy on national fiscal policies.

Politics & Economics

On policymakers’ cognitive biases

New research on how cognitive biases of policymakers affect the choice of implementable policies as well as the allocation of public resources.

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