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On inflation

Can big corporate deals and value chains provide an explanation for why the Phillips curve has flattened?

Economic Science

Ten most read posts in June

A list of commentaries and research papers which got the highest number of views during June 2017.


New and noteworthy books in economics (July)

Three notable new books on: Central Banking, alternative currencies and currency conflicts.

Economic Science

Economic experts

The tug of war between economists and politicians.


Structural reforms

New research on when are structural reforms implemented, which reforms have the largest impact on GDP and what is the interplay between the government and the private sector that makes reforms successful.

Economic Science

Distortions and policy instruments

Olivier Blanchard and Troy Daviga and Refet S. G├╝rkaynak on how the macro models that focus on “one distortion and one instrument” have lead to sub-optimal policies.


The start of Brexit negotiations

Kirkegaard on the importance of a strong Franco-German axis. Mayer and al. on the welfare gains from EU integration and welfare losses from Brexit and Schoenmaker’s detailed analysis of passporting rights.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy and the financial sector

How low can interest rates go before hurting the economy? Two new working papers on financial intermediaries and their impact on the transmission of monetary policy.

Monetary Policy

Rethinking the inflation target

US economists write to Janet Yellen recommending an increase of the Fed’s inflation target. Not everyone is on board though!


The German trade surplus

Is Germany’s trade surplus hurting the US? New research on whether wage or expansionary fiscal policy could reduce the German trade surplus.

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