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International Economics

On Iran and sanctions

The global effects of economic sanctions on Iran.

International Economics

US-China tariff fight

A full-blown trade war might be a rational, albeit suboptimal, strategy for both parties.

Economic Growth

Turkey’s next steps

Would a currency board solve lira’s woes? Erdogan’s leverage with the IMF.


Taxing intagibles

As growth in the intangible economy intensifies we need to reconsider how to raise tax revenues.


On loss aversion

The origins of loss aversion and the difficulty to incorporate it in economic models.


Lending in the fintech era

How do online lending platforms chose between loan quality and quantity and racially discriminate?

Economic Science

Economists can’t write concisely

Why economic papers are so long?


New and noteworthy books in economics (July)

Four books on obsession with growth, populism, Hayek and the left.

Economic Science

Macro: ten years later…

GalĂ­ and Uhlig on some recent developments in New Keynesian Economics.


The antitrust moment!

As Europeans are stricter at applying antitrust laws, the US is debating whether rising concentration in niche sectors is actually a bad thing.

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