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Ethics and inequality

When luck and cheating determine wealth how should income be redistributed?

Economic Science

On econometrics

Is Keynes’ critique of econometrics still relevant?


“Immaculate inflation”

Krugman, Andolfatto and Cochrane: more on the unemployment-inflation link!


On demographics

Fertility rates have decreased everywhere in the world. This newsletter includes interesting research on the effect of reduced fertility on democracy and the gender balance.

Financial Markets

What are money managers paid for?

Money managers rarely outperform their benchmark index yet their pay has dramatically increased the last 20 years.


New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

Four new and noteworthy books on the welfare state, the Eurozone, the role of the state and non-orthodox macroeconomics.

Economic Growth

Technology shocks and spillovers

Which countries benefit from technology spillovers.


Ten years since Bear Sterns

What a difference ten years make!


Views from around the world

Economists opine about the the Eurozone, Brexit and the Trump tariffs.

International Economics

The new Fama puzzle

Is the Fama puzzle a general phenomenon or one that is regime-dependent?

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