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China’s economic prospects

New research suggests that Chinese growth over the next 20 years will probably be half of what it has been until now.


Italy’s budget: some views

Will Brussels accept the Italian budget? Economists opine.


Housing and the macroeconomy

Three research papers presented at the 1st EAYE Workshop on Housing and Macroeconomics organized in September in collaboration with Leipzig University.


A “glorified spreadsheet”?

Is blockchain a glorified spreadsheet or a mechanism that can improve welfare?


Measuring the economy

Creative destruction and missing growth.

International Economics

The continuing dollar dominance

The US dollar has become even more dominant as an international funding currency: new research on why borrowing and invoicing in US dollars has increased.

Economic Science

The 2018 Nobel Prize winners

Nordhaus and Romer: a symmetric pairing?

Economic Science

Publishing in economics

New research on how the top five economics journals are a poor measure of research quality.


Modern Monetary Theory

How did MMT come to be? How different it is from mainstream macro and what are the critics saying.


On global inequality

Is inequality across countries underestimated?

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