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The US-China trade dispute

Gros, Summers and Cochrane on what really is driving the recent US-China trade dispute.


On the “gilets jaunes”

Olivier Blanchard and Simone Tagliapietra and Georg Zachmann, of Bruegel, opine about the possible factors that could have given rise to the “gilets jaunes” movement.


Bank lending and interest on reserves

Did bank lending decrease ever since the Fed started paying interest on reserves?


Gender wage gaps

Gender wage gaps around the world in 2018. What lies behind these gaps? what are the effects on the macroeconomy?

Monetary Policy

Fed rate: to raise or not to raise

Is it time to stop raising interest rates in the US?

Monetary Policy

Spillovers of US monetary policy

Interesting new research on US monetary policy spillovers on both advanced and emerging countries.


New and noteworthy books in economics (November)

Four new books on where economics went wrong; profit and pleasure; online platforms; and frauds.


A Central Bank under attack

The battle between Modi's government and the Reserve Bank of India.


The Brexit deal

Economists opine on the recent Brexit developments.

Financial Markets

New research on systemic risk

Is size everything? How Much SRISK is Too Much?

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