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A Central Bank under attack

The battle between Modi's government and the Reserve Bank of India.


The Brexit deal

Economists opine on the recent Brexit developments.

Financial Markets

New research on systemic risk

Is size everything? How Much SRISK is Too Much?


India’s demonetization experiment

Two years after Modi's demonetization experiment: were the goals achieved? which industries have benefited? did consumers in India change their taste for cash?



The Risksbank is investigating the possibility and consequences of introducing a Swedish central bank digital currency, a so-called e-krona.


Inflation in Emerging and Developing Economies

A new report published by the World Bank looks at inflation in emerging and developing economies. It incorporates pathbreaking data collection and a comprehensive survey of the literature.


On Brazil

Piketty, Vernengo, Mian and Sufi on the Brazilian economy.

International Economics

Is there cross-country convergence?

Are poor countries catching up with rich ones? Some new evidence.

Monetary Policy

On interest rates

Interest Rate Conundrums in the 21st Century and Expected inflation, real rates, and stock-bond comovement.

International Economics

The new NAFTA

Jeffrey Frankel comments on the new treaty. ISDS and EU's future approach to international investment policy.

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