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On the progress of digital euro

In June the European Commission will publish a legislative proposal on principles for the digital euro as the ECB is considering to advance to an experimental phase. Some interesting commentary on the usefulness and design of the digital euro.

Financial Markets

Cryptos, Libertarianism, and Twitter

Interesting new research disproves many of the common narratives about crypto investors.


Refugees in the EU

Which country-specific policies attract refugees? What are the short and long-term effects of the refugee inflow on EU economies?


New research on inequality

How has global inequality evolved since 1820? A new methodology to measure within country inequality in real-time.

Monetary Policy

Labor supply, wages and monetary policy

According to new research, contractionary monetary policy decreases wage inequality and increases labor supply!


New and noteworthy books in economics (May)

The four books we have selected for this month address interesting questions: How did economic crashes affect globalization? What are the realistic paths to sustainability? Why the concept of scarcity is historically novel? How does it feel to be a pioneer in economics?

Monetary Policy

Uncertainty about the effects of monetary policy

Why economists are still uncertain about the impact of monetary policies and a new way to measure the costs of disinflation policies.


Are “green” policies inflationary?

New research on how different green transition policies impact price stability and the resulting tradeoffs faced by central banks.


Can AI boost productivity?

Economists are divided on the issue.


Banking deregulation and business credit

What was the impact of the Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 on U.S. corporate bankruptcies?

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