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Democracy and economics

Is it time for a new social contract?


Towards a new jobs economy

Autor and Rodrik on the work of the future.


Ready for higher oil prices?

As US policy towards Iran might lead to higher oil prices, how will inflation be affected.

Monetary Policy

Is the Fed’s independence on the line?

The White House’s two nominees for the Federal Reserve Board raise concerns about whether it is possible to insulate the central bank from partisan politics in the U.S.


New and noteworthy books in economics (April)

Four great books: on Brexit; on the 2008 financial crisis written by the main “players”;  on the successes and failures of  free-market economics; and  on a fresh  way to look at inequality.


“The biggest puzzle in economics”

We live in a superstar economy which lacks any actual superstar firms!


On collective agreements

Collective bargaining in Italy and Germany: what are the differences?


Views on immigration and redistribution

“The traditionally socially generous and inclusive policies of European countries face the dilemma of natives favoring them for themselves but opposing them for immigrants.”


China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Interesting research on the type of Chinese foreign acquisitions.


Identification via the ZLB

Can the Zero Lower Bound (ZLB) on interest rates be used to identify the causal effects of monetary policy?

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