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Economic Growth

A US recession around the corner!

Economists explain that certain patterns are forming in the US economy that should raise the alarm.


New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

Our editors’ picks: “Currencies, Capital, And Central Bank Balances: A Policy Conference”, “The State strikes back: the end of economic reform in China?”, “Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency” and “Innovation Policy and the Economy”.

Monetary Policy

Strategies for a low rate environment

Revisiting the “secular stagnation” hypothesis: are we relying too much on central banks?

Financial Markets

The CLO market

Does the Collateralized Loan Obligation market point to a financial snag ahead?


Fiscal multipliers and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

What were the effects of the 2009 US government fiscal spending called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? Did the way it was financed matter?


Functional Finance

The doctrine behind MMT is smart but not completely right, argues Paul Krugman. Not so, responds Matias Vernengo.


Preliminary results from the Finnish UBI experiment

What do the results from the Finnish Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment imply for the viability of the program.

Economic Science

Economic statistics and big data

Recent research on how to use big data to improve official statistics.

International Economics

Patterns in international trade

Can information frictions boost trade? Are global value chains receding? Are trade relationships long lasting?


A New Normal for Interest Rates?

New research on the global trends in interest rates.

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