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Arthur Laffer, the economist behind the Laffer curve, is about to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Many economists wonder whether the theory is sound.


Looking back at the Irish and Greek crises

Ten years after the Irish and Greek crises, what have we learned.


CBDC: where do we stand

New research on the viability of Central Bank Digital Currency.

Monetary Policy

Change of the guard at the ECB

What next for the ECB now that its top leaders are on their way out.


New and noteworthy books in economics (May)

Thinking outside the box about capitalism, AI, game theory and even Keynes!


The challenges of aging population

The global population is aging. This demographic shift will present the US with particularly acute problems.

Economic Science

The death of the representative agent

New research on the shortcomings of representative agent models.


Productivity and access to credit

Access to credit affects productivity growth in a non-linear way.

Monetary Policy

The Fed’s strategy: rules vs discretion

What are the effects of the various rules that the Federal Reserve considers in setting policy?

Financial Markets

Markets and Policy

The Fed’s relationship with financial markets has become increasingly unhealthy.

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