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Man vs the machine

Are big data technologies an incremental improvement in existing statistical techniques or a transformative innovation?


The link between trade and capital flows

New research on how do goods trade and capital investments interact with one another and how the cost of capital affects growth in world trade.

Monetary Policy

Should household inequality affect the conduct of monetary policy?

New research on whether monetary policy is well-suited to deal with business-cycle shocks that affect the bottom of the income distribution.

Politics & Economics

Challenges for 2023

What are the latent risks for the Eurozone, the U.S., and China in 2023?

Economic Science

Most read posts in 2022

Inflation and trade attracted the most attention this past year!


New and noteworthy books in economics (December)

For this month we have selected two books that highlight the economic and political ills of our times; a book on the risks of using mathematical models in economics and another on how the Bank of England has managed sterling crises.


First mover advantage for a CBDC

There is a rush to issue CBDCs driven not only by payment system markets considerations but also by an intention to gain financial and geopolitical primacy. Recent research examines these issues.


A second look at the Beveridge curve

New research on the Beveridge curve points to a soft landing in the U.S. labor market.


The new protectionism

The U.S Inflation Reduction Act has raised concerns about protectionism. Is this the time for an environmentally-driven reinvigoration of the WTO? Or, is this protectionism necessary?

Monetary Policy

Causes of today’s inflation

If inflation in the US is not due to excessive demand, is the current monetary policy stance the right one?

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