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Economic Growth

In search of a new consensus

Both the Washington Consensus and the Beijing Consensus are in need of a radical rethink.

Monetary Policy, Sample Newsletters

On Central Banks’ mandate

The changing and growing roles of independent Central Banks might now require a reconsideration of their mandate.

Books, Sample Newsletters

New and noteworthy books in economics (September)

For this month a smorgasbord of books: a Nobelist recounts life in economics; a look at financial crises and creative destruction from a different angle; what ails India.

Politics & Economics

On geopolitical risks, inflation, and the price of oil

What are the transmission channels from geopolitical risks to inflation? How does the US-China political relationship affect the price of oil?


Uncertainty and consumers

Novel research on how consumers allocate time use when there is uncertainty and how consumer disagreement about macroeconomic uncertainty affects economic activity.


What are banks doing about climate change?

Banks, Global Systemically Important and other European ones have publicly announced their “climate action plans.” How consistent are their lending practices with their environmental disclosures?


Interesting new research on trade

How does trade uncertainty affect domestic credit supply? A new modelling framework that allows nowcasting of trade data using machine learning.


Open banking

Open banking empowers customers to share their banking data with fintechs and other banks. New research on the benefits, the drawbacks and the regulatory challenges.

Monetary Policy

Challenges in central bank communication

New research on the importance of semantic simplicity of central bank communication and how high inflationary environments impact agents attention to this communication.

Monetary Policy

Automation and monetary policy

How does automation affect the Phillips curve? Does tight monetary policy lead to de-automation?

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