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New measures of inequality

Novel data that highlight the advantages of consumption measures over income measures of inequality.


Firms’ size and labor markets

New research on the “scale without mass” phenomenon where a firm size increases without a proportional increase in employment.


On inflation targets

Does an increase of the inflation target increase the policy room proportionally? The benefits of dynamic inflation targets.

Monetary Policy

Recalculating the natural rate

Two recent research papers provide alternative approaches to measuring the natural rate of interest.


What have women won?

Claudia Goldin’s recent research on why the anti-women’s rights movement in the U.S.  gained traction and on what happens to the earnings gap as women reach middle-age.

Monetary Policy

Monetary-macroprudential policy interactions

Under which economic conditions monetary and macroprudential policies are substitutes or complements.

Financial Markets

Assessing crypto risk

What are the similarities and differences between stablecoins and Money Market Funds. IMF proposes a framework to assess and track systemic risks stemming from crypto assets.

Sample Newsletters, Trade

The realignment of Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains have come under unprecedented stress since 2017. Brand new research on what are the emerging trends.


Inflation at the household level

Are households aware of inflation-related wealth effects? Which households bear the highest cost of inflation?

Monetary Policy

The impact of synchronous monetary tightening

The current global monetary tightening is unprecedented in its degree of synchronicity . What are the challenges for individual central banks?

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