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On liquidity

New research on why increases in deposit rates offered by banks are associated with contractions in economic activity and how interactions between contagion channels lead to liquidity spirals.


On inflation dynamics

New research on the patterns of large inflationary episodes and on inflation dynamics in an economy with heterogeneous agents.

Politics & Economics

Emerging risks in 2024

Ballooning developing countries’ sovereign debt, China’s outlook, and elections in 40 countries are some of the risks that are hiding in plain sight for 2024.


Biodiversity risk and finance

Two brand new paper on (i) how to measure biodiversity loss risk and its impact on asset values, and (ii) whether investors actually care about firms’ biodiversity footprint.

Economic Science

Most read posts in 2023

This newsletter highlights the issues and research that attracted the greatest interest among our readership over the past twelve months.


Corporate markups and inflation

Two recent contributions to the debate on whether the post-Covid rise in inflation was “seller-driven” and, if so, how policy should respond.


COP28: an evaluation

Two interesting commentaries that assess the outcome of COP28, beyond the media headlines.

Economic Science

Economic research at central banks

What are the characteristics of a “scientized” central bank? The case of the Bank of England.

Politics & Economics

Do investors like democracy?

New research on how countries in the process of democratization are associated with higher sovereign debt spreads and equity risk premia than countries with autocratic governments.


Constructing policy counterfactuals

New research on how to construct policy counterfactuals without committing to a particular model.

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