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Monetary Policy

The cacophony of Fed’s policy makers

Informal communication, or leaks, by Fed officials can be viewed as an arms race between policy makers to tilt the FOMC's decision towards their policy preference.


How to fight secular stagnation

In the current environment, “loosening monetary policy is exactly what is not needed”, writes Larry Summers and stirs up a debate.

Financial Markets

The truth about ESG ratings!

An estimated  $30 trillion are invested relying on ESG  ( ratings. Are these ratings reliable and do they promote  sustainability or corporate social responsibility?


Argentina’s crisis: Who is to blame?

Who is to blame: neoliberalism, populism or economists?

International Economics

On the recent protectionist trend

New research on how the recent protectionist trend has affected the US and Europe.

Financial Markets

Is shareholder primacy dying?

Earlier this month America's Business Roundtable decided that maximizing shareholder value is no longer their primary goal. The announcement has incited a heated debate.

Monetary Policy

On monetary policy divergence

What are the drivers of monetary policy? How truly independent of each other are different central banks?


New and noteworthy books in economics (August)

Looking at finance-growth nexus from both historical and modern perspectives; How did the Central Bank of Ireland handle the 2010-2013 crisis? A great book on forecasting; and how to democratize Europe.


On France’s digital tax

The main arguments against the digital tax and interesting research on why such tax is necessary.

Monetary Policy

Helicopter money

Three  former central bankers argue that helicopter money might the best policy to fight the next recession.

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