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Monetary Policy

Monetary policy strategies and people’s perceptions

How should a central bank react to a supply shock?  How do professional forecasters perceive monetary rules?


Financial aspects of trade

How does trade uncertainty influence bank lending and how does a currency become dominant in trade transactions?


Green spending and fiscal sustainability

Suggestions on how to reconcile green spending with debt sustainability in advanced economies.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy in a CBDC world

Two new studies raise important issues the issuance of CBDCs will imply for the implementation of monetary policy.


New and noteworthy books in economics (January)

For this month we have selected a book on a central bank’s experience with financial risk management; a book on how to change the modeling of consumer preferences; a book on current economic threats and finally a book on why Western governments have ignored inequality.

Monetary Policy

Is forward guidance effective?

Two new research papers provide evidence on when forward guidance is effective.

Monetary Policy

On average inflation targeting

Is average inflation targeting destabilizing? During the recent inflationary surge would aggressive inflation targeting have performed better?


On the decoupling of supply chains

Supply chains are decoupling along geopolitical lines: What is the economic impact? Which countries will end-up bear the costs?


An insightful look at the new AI tools

Two research papers provide important insights on how these new AI tools can be deployed in economics.

Economic Science

Women in economics

New research presented in the recent American Economic Association’s annual meeting on how women economists are faring in the profession.

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