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On mental models and information

With information technology making learning more accessible, the issue is no longer “access” to information but instead which information resonates and how is processed by individuals.


On macroeconomic uncertainty

Two interesting new papers on macroeconomic and monetary policy uncertainty.

Economic Growth

The state of the global economy

High uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine and loss of growth momentum foreshadow a difficult period ahead.


Decarbonization amidst a crisis

How will Europe and the U.S. implement their climate policies during the current period of geopolitical crisis with Russia and tensions with China.

Ukraine-Russia War

The ruble’s wild ride

As soon as the Russia-Ukraine war started, the Bank of Russia implemented a slew of policies to stem the depreciation of the ruble.  Were they successful?

Economic Science

Musings on economics

The three types of inquiry of economic theory and a new paradigm for economics.


The latest on CBDCs

How will CBDCs affect international currency competition? A potential new design for CBDCs from MIT.

Monetary Policy

The Fed critics

Will the Fed’s current policy lead to stagflation or its critics are looking at the wrong model?


Homebuyers’ expectations

Two new papers on how to model house market expectations.


On the distributional effects of automation

New research on the channels through which automation affects inequality. Can fiscal policies reduce automation-induced inequality?

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