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New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

Our selection for this month includes two books on financial stability and two books on the Federal Reserve. Had this been last month’s selection it would have been quite prophetic!

Monetary Policy

On financial dominance

Should Central Banks increase interest rates when financial market turbulence is on the rise?


The current state of U.S. banking

How many banks are in danger? How to prevent the next crisis?


Do interest rates drive investment?

Possible explanations of why the secular decline in the financial cost of capital did not increase business investments.


Banking concentration vs competition

Interesting new research on whether competition in the banking sector leads to financial instability.

Financial Markets

Two bank failures in one week!

Silvergate Bank and SVB collapsed last week in the US. A regulatory failure?


Financial stability and stablecoins

How characteristics of stablecoin holders can lead to financial fragility. How issuance of stablecoins can impact the financing of the real economy.

Economic Growth

Immigration in Europe

New research on how high skilled immigrants in Europe contribute to innovation and the increase of the top 1% income share.

Ukraine-Russia War

Why have Russian sanctions failed

The sanctions regime imposed on Russia has led to only a small dent in its economy. Interesting commentary and research explaining why.


The acrimony over ESG

The merits of the recent movement seeking to prohibit financial institutions from following ESG guidelines.

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