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On China’s external position

China’s exports are declining and demographics could soon turn China into a deficit country.


When inflation becomes dangerous

New research on the level of inflation which triggers households and businesses to alter their behavior and on the way firms are setting their prices during the current inflationary period.

International Economics

A new vision for the MBD system

US-based think tanks issue a “call to action” for multilateral development bank (MDB) system reform.

Monetary Policy

As liquidity is drying up…

Is what happened in the UK government bonds market last week an early warning of potential financial instability in advanced economies?

Monetary Policy

Household indebtedness

How is monetary policy affecting household debt?

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy and financial stability

New research on how central banks should condition monetary policy on financial vulnerability.

Monetary Policy

On the UK bond market rout

What triggered the Bank of England’s intervention in the UK bond market last week.

Politics & Economics

On political extremism

New research on the reasons that drive the success of extreme political parties.


How to crash a currency

Some interesting commentary on the recently announced UK tax plan.


New and noteworthy books in economics (September)

For September, we have selected four books on “how did we get here,” from a historical and ideological point of view.

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