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Ukraine-Russia War

The Ukrainian refugee challenge

Can the Ukrainian refugee influx represent an opportunity for the hosting countries? What does history shows.

Ukraine-Russia War

China and the Russia-Ukraine war

How China benefits from the ban of Russian banks from SWIFT, and will it become collateral damage to this war.

Ukraine-Russia War

On the new world order

Adam Posen, Dani Rodrik on the future of globalization, the dollar as a reserve currency and the emerging bipolar world.


New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

We have selected three books which shed a provocative light on markets, innovation and the transition from an economy based on physical capital to one based on intangibles. The fourth book is a fascinating memoir by Amartya Sen.


Understanding sovereign default events

Why do countries default only partially? Do politics matter? A new media based index to predict sovereign default.


On the possibility of an inflation disaster

A further analysis of inflation prospects for the Eurozone and the U.S.

Ukraine-Russia War

Russia’s short-term economic prospects

How detrimental will sanctions be? The effects of a possible Russian default.


The effects of sanctions on Russian oil and gas on EU

Hot off the press two studies which examine the impact on Germany and EU27 of a stop of Russian energy imports.


New trends in gender pay gaps

Can be big data and the related methodological improvements shed a new light on the gender wage gap? How sorting in marriage and labor markets affects inequality. Are women happier than men?


On high oil prices and inflation

Two new studies on the effects of high gasoline prices, as opposed to high crude oil prices, on inflation and inflation expectations.

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