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Are incentives to automate higher now?

Has COVID-19 increased or decreased the value of investments in automation?


New and noteworthy books in economics (February)

This month’s selection: Blanchard and Rodrik look at inequality; Mazzucato wants to reform capitalism; but McCloskey argues in favor of “economic liberty”; and Börsch-Supan and  Coile wonder why late-life employment has risen.

Monetary Policy

Is inflation coming?

Concerns about inflation have reappeared, are they warranted?


Inequality and asset prices

Two new research papers on how changing asset prices increase inequality.


Biases in empirical research

New research shows that researchers’ affiliations and career concerns might bias their estimates of fiscal multipliers and impact of QE.


Revisionist history

New research shows that the US Phillips curve has been flat since the early 1980s. This implies that there was no missing disinflation or missing reinflation over the past few business cycles!


Does the US labor market operate efficiently?

Two recent research papers look at the Beveridge curve for clues!

Monetary Policy

A new look at central bank independence

Analyzing the impact of central bank independence on the economy and inequality.

Monetary Policy

Should central banks issue a CBDC?

The trilemmas and tradeoff that arise from the introduction of central bank digital currencies.

Economic Science, Sample Newsletters

Rethinking the DSGE models

Should DSGE models be brought back to their empirical roots or be replaced?

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