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COVID and climate change in low income developing countries

Has the impact of COVID on low income developing countries been exaggerated? What implications on these countries that are also highly vulnerable to climate change?


Towards a sustainable economy

The transition to a post COVID sustainable economy is fraught with financial risks. What is the role of central banks?


COVID and climate change

Covid-19 has lead to a shift in consumer and investor preferences as well as an increase in financial risk complexity. How will  climate change policies be affected?

Financial Markets

The stock market enigma

Why have stock markets rallied? An academic and a practitioner view. A new research paper evaluates investors’ growth expectations.

Monetary Policy

The critics of the FOMC’s new monetary policy framework

Last week the FOMC released a revised Statement of “Longer Run Goals and Monetary Policy Strategy” highlighting a switch to average inflation targeting. Why so many economists disagree?


COVID, employment and trust in institutions

…when pictures are worth a thousand words!


Safe assets and COVID-19

Post COVID, will current account imbalances, large safe public debt issuance and the zero lower bound lead to a safety trap?

Monetary Policy

On average inflation targeting

Will the Fed switch to average inflation targeting at the upcoming Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium?


New and noteworthy books in economics (August)

Looking at capitalism from four different and fascinating perspectives.

Monetary Policy

On money neutrality

Two new papers challenge the assumption of medium and long-term money neutrality from two different perspectives.

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