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Are we measuring poverty incorrectly?

New research on: how to better measure the degree of economic distress felt by everyday people; what does a better price dataset imply about inequality?

Financial Markets

The U.S. Treasury market: the March 2020 dislocations and reform

What happened in the U.S. Treasury market in March 2020? How did the Fed react? What are the reforms that will increase liquidity of the Treasury market.

Monetary Policy

New research on central bank reserves

Two new research papers: Bank monitoring – comparing regulatory capital requirements to central bank collateral requirements; Reserves – a new tool to control aggregate demand.


New and noteworthy books in economics (July)

For this month we have selected: a wonderful memoir by Amartya Sen; a book on the social cost of academic insularity;  and two historical accounts one of the 2008 financial crisis and another of the European integration.


Inequality: a different perspective

Two new papers on inequality addressing why capital flows from equal to unequal  countries and whether wealth inequality is actually perceived as unfair.

Monetary Policy

Is a new taper tantrum in the works?

What will be the impact on emerging market economies from U.S. policies going forward?


The distributional effects of monetary policy

Interesting empirical evidence from Denmark. Who among the wealthy gains from expansionary monetary policy?

Financial Markets

On credit rating agencies

Do political beliefs affect credit analysts’ ratings? Has credit rating inflation driven the recent growth in the U.S. BBB rated bond segment?


The ECB’s new inflation strategy

New research on euro area inflation expectations under the old inflation strategy. Will the new targeting fare better?


Predicting credit default

New research on a) which machine learning model is more efficient in predicting credit default; and b) how to extract information from consumers’ behavior.

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