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New and noteworthy books in economics (June)

Does financial regulation encourage risk taking? Why progress toward racial equity in the US is far from steady; What are the problems of sovereignty and democracy posed by international institutions; An insider’s view on UK policymaking…some great reading for this month!


On the global food shortage

The invasion of Ukraine has restricted exports of food and also triggered protectionist measures by other countries. Can a food crisis be avoided?

Economic Growth

Talk of recession

What is the likelihood of a recession in the US and when? Has the Fed achieved “soft landings” in the past?

Monetary Policy

Is the Fed fueling inflation?

Two new research papers on how disagreements between the Fed and the market influence interest rate decisions; and on the equivalence between balance sheet reductions and interest rate increases.


The ECB’s other inflation problem

Interest rate hikes by the ECB have the potential to increase the spreads of countries in a way that is disconnected from economic fundamentals and hence increase the risk of market fragmentation.

Monetary Policy

A granular look at historical inflation

New research on how to properly compare present inflation to past inflationary episodes; what are the lessons to be learned.

International Economics

Reverse currency wars

The dollar is approaching one-to-one parity to the euro.  Are we entering a period of competitive appreciation?


A critical look on AI’s impact on the economy

How does AI affect the labor market, productivity, inequality and democracy.


Communicating climate change

Does information about the impact of climate change on the economy affect people’s willingness to pay for mitigation policies? How effective is climate communication by central banks?

Ukraine-Russia War

The Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on EU

Will this war speed up fiscal integration and reinforce a common identity? What are the three main macroeconomic challenges faced by the EU?

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