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When expectations are “scarred”

The debate about the shape of the recovery (V, U or L) revolves around consumers’ confidence and fear. New research shows that during COVID households’ expectations behave differently than what is predicted by standard macro models.

Monetary Policy

Should the Fed control the yield curve?

Yieldcurve control  has now been used in a few other countries. New research on its efficiency and risks.


Why doesn’t the US have a European-style safety net?

The role of heterogeneity in ethnicity and race.


COVID and European banks

European banks are much stronger now than they were on the eve of the 2008 Financial Crisis. But will they be able to withstand a muted recovery in the aftermath of the COVID crisis?

Monetary Policy

The Fed and ECB’s balance sheets

What are the risks the Fed and the ECB are facing now that their balance sheets have ballooned.


The demonstrations in the US

Academics shed light on the current situation in the US.


A sustainable recovery

Will the fiscal recovery packages put in place in the coming months delay progress on climate change?


In the event of a second wave, we now have better policies

Brand new research using a a multi-risk version of SIR models suggests policies that lower both societal and economic loss.


The post-crisis China

Does China have the capacity to emerge as a dominant world power? How have relations with Europe and Southeast Asia evolved during the crisis.


Economics or culture?

Income or culture predicts health behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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