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Artificial intelligence and firm growth

Are small firms the losers?


What motivates green innovators?

Very interesting research on whether money or prosocial attitudes motivate green innovators.

Monetary Policy

The Fed’s way forward

Should the Fed move to a rules-based monetary policy? How to avoid becoming a prisoner of financial markets.


Working from home: the post-COVID 19 implications

Will working from home stick? What will the effect on productivity and lifetime income be?


New and noteworthy books in economics (April)

ForĀ  this month we picked two books on AI- how humans judge machines, what are the social and political ramifications of AI. And two books on the way forward – a new social contract or more creative destruction?


How to tax corporations

Saez, Zucman, Acemoglu and Auerbach propose three different ways to tax corporations as part of the debate on how to reduce the large government debt of advanced economies.


On greenwashing

Do green bonds lead to lower carbon emissions?


More on r-g

New research on what measure of r-g matters and whether r


What will happen to the excess household savings?

COVID-19 led to a significant increase in household savings: how will these savings be used?


As the global population ages…

… will interest rates rise or fall? Two recent research papers argue on the opposite sides.

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