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Inequality, mortgage rates and house prices

Interesting new research on how inequality decreases house prices, while expansionary monetary policy increases the mortgage rates paid by minority borrowers.


New and noteworthy books in economics (May)

Four books which prompt us to think “outside the box” about the digital society, climate change, the pandemic and economic science.


On taxation

Three new and interesting research papers on: which country pays the highest capital taxes, should capital be taxed at all, and what is behind people’s views on tax policy?


On the Eurozone debt

The fear of high public debt is back in Europe.

Monetary Policy

The global transmission of monetary policies

An empirical investigation of the transmission of US monetary policy. How isĀ  Chinese monetary policy being transmitted to the global economy?


Public debt as collateral

A look at ECB’s collateral framework; is there an optimal fiscal policy when public debt is used as collateral?


On dynamic banking

When deposits are treated as debt with either stochastic or endogenous maturity, what are the implications for bank regulators and monetary policy?

Economic Growth

Is the US economy overheating or just recovering?

Are the Fed’s projections for the US economy consistent with reality?


Thoughts on inclusive prosperity

The perils of knowledge biased growth and a taxonomy of policies that can lead to inclusive prosperity.

Monetary Policy

Intangible assets and monetary policy

Has the rising importance of intangible capital, in advanced economies, weakened the transmission of monetary and contributed to the flattening of the Phillips curve?

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