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Should debt held by the ECB be canceled?

…in case you have missed the debate!

Emerging Markets

On the debt of emerging markets

Different initiatives were implemented to help emerging markets deal with their debt. Yet, credit rating agencies could derail this effort.

Monetary Policy

Revisiting Minsky

Are financial crises predictable? If so, what is the optimal policy during a boom?


Regulating Big Tech

The EU proposed the Digital Markets Act and the US Congress is leaning towards breaking up the Big Tech. What are the issues and the concerns?

Monetary Policy

Some considerations for ECB’s Policy Review

Should the ECB adopt a higher inflation target or change its policy rule?


A tale of two labor markets

Where did female labor force participation fared worse and where better during the COVID crisis?

Monetary Policy

Expectations and monetary policy

How can central banks manage expectations during unprecedented crises? A new measure of inflation expectations.


A wave of bankruptcies in 2021?

What will happen when COVID-related support policies expire? Some interesting evidence.


Does activist investing foster green innovation?

New research on which firms contribute to green innovation. Are ESG based policies more effective than reward-based incentives?

Financial Markets

Cyber risk and financial stability

New research on how cyber attacks can affect financial stability. Is this risk reflected in asset prices?

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