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Breaking up big tech

What do economists think about the looming antitrust battles.

Monetary Policy

On nationally-oriented monetary policy

New research on international monetary cooperation: the incentives for and against.


Forecasting with big data

Interesting new research on alternative big data and nowcasting.


Sustainable investing

Do investors care about carbon risk?  Do ESG investments have an impact on society? Should firms maximize wealth or welfare?


“Vaccines for people” or “free market vaccines”?

Two diametrically opposed views on how the vaccines should be distributed from Mazzucato et al. and Cochrane.

International Economics

Globalizing labor

COVID and digitech point to a new phase of globalization, one led by services.

Economic Growth

The road to recovery

We have selected some interesting points from the recently released economic outlook reports.

International Economics

RCEP and its significance for the global economy

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and its impact on the EU and the U.S.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy with CBDC

How does a CBDC affect domestic monetary policy and the international monetary system?

Monetary Policy

Coherent policies that benefit all

“Lessons from 1933” and “Monetary policies for the masses” are two papers that explain the benefits of a joint monetary-fiscal policy and which policy benefits all in an unequal society.

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