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Monetary Policy

How to manage expectations

When consumers’ rationality is bounded how can policymakers manage  inflation expectations?


A step closer to CBDC

Six central banks have formed a working group with the Bank of International Settlements to assess the possibility of introducing their own digital currencies.


New and noteworthy books in economics (January)

This month’s four books are on markets and competition, our future without work and, modelling “animal spirits”.

International Economics

A granular view of the U.S.-China phase one deal

The hazards of the recent U.S.- China deal that might have gone unnoticed.

Monetary Policy

Challenging times for central banks

Central banks are facing a triple challenge: economic, intellectual and institutional.

International Economics

Are capital controls making a comeback?

After the financial crisis opposition to capital controls wavered. Two very recent papers examine whether limits on capital mobility achieve their financial and macroeconomic goals.


What happened to India?

Thirty years ago India was considered one of the engines of global growth. Today though, India’s economic engine is sputtering as GDP growth is the lowest it has been in six years.


Rebuking Blanchard

Three recent research papers are refuting the conclusions stated in Olivier Blanchard's 2019 paper “Public Debt and Low Interest Rates.”

Economic Science

Economists and society

During the ASSA 2020 Annual Meeting two papers by Luigi Zingales and George DeMartino emphasize economists' responsibilities towards society.


Questions for 2020

Economists opine about the main macro issues to be tackled during 2020.

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