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Are inequality measures biased?

New research paper rebukes Piketty’s inequality findings for the US.

Monetary Policy

Rogoff and Palley on central bank independence

Is this the beginning of the end of central bank independence?


New and noteworthy books in economics (October)

Four interesting books on productivity, inequality, debt, and liberty.

Economic Science

Development RTCs: Pros and cons

This year's Nobel laureates revolutionized development economics through their use of random controlled trials (RTCs). But RTCs have their critics.

Economic Science

The role of politics and ideology in economics

Are economists immune from ideological bias?

Economic Growth

The state of the global economy

Latest  economic prospects for the U.S., Europe and Asia from the Peterson Institute and Brookings.


International tax reform: the OECD proposal

The OECD unveils a blueprint of a new international corporate tax architecture.


China and Hong Kong

How severe is China’s slowdown? Michael Spence opines on the Hong Kong protests.


On women’s employment

Are male and female workers substitutable? What has contributed to the increase in female labor participation? Has women’s employment affected the US business cycle?


Capitalism in the 21st century

Branko Milanovic writes about the two types of capitalism represented by the US and China. Have the idle rich replaced the working rich?

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