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On news and narratives

How news affect the U.S. and Euro Area yield curves? Does a narrative approach shed light on whether monetary policy matters?


The U.S.-China deteriorating relation

In a recent speech, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reversed the terms of engagement with China.


New and noteworthy books in economics (April)

For our selection this month we picked two books on prosperity, one on China but with an insider’s view and one on asset managers who now own the basic building blocks of everyday life.

International Economics

A debt crisis in the Global South?

Over half of all developing countries are either in default or awaiting loan restructuring but the world’s largest creditors disagree on how to provide them with help.


CBDCs and banking sector stability

Can CBDCs end bank runs? The answer is more nuanced!


Revisiting narrow banking

The recent policy interventions to stave off the March banking crisis were significantly sizeable, relative to economic output, in a long-run context. Could narrow banking prevent future crises?


Thoughts on generative AI

How can generative AI contribute to economic growth? The complexity of regulating AI.


A different view of inflation

Where does inflation come from? Are central banks are the only game in town to effectively fight inflation?

International Economics

The importance of offshore markets

Capital allocation in the Euro Area and China in tax havens.

Monetary Policy

Forecasting in central banks

A survey of central banks’ forecasting frameworks and challenges.

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