Climate Change
Macroeconomics and Finance Forum

How are climate risks transmitted to the macroeconomy and financial systems? Which modelling frameworks best grasp the complex linkages between climate change, the economy and financial markets? How can they help in improving monetary and financial policies? What should be the role of central banks in tackling climate change?

Our forum, Climate Change, Macroeconomics and Finance, delves into these questions and more. It provides rigorous research, debates, and sound insights in economics. It aims at providing a unique source of information and debate for academics, central bankers and policy makers on ongoing research and policy options. It also aspires to aggregate knowledge from around the globe and trigger the engagement of economists who are studying the environmental challenges ahead of us.

Our twice-monthly webinars will host scholars to discuss their research. Members of our forum – economists from academia, central banks, international institutions and think tanks – will have the chance to comment and discuss the findings on our platform.

The forum is by invitation only but the webinars are open to the public.

Advisory Board

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

Emanuele Campiglio

Dr. Emanuele Campiglio is Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), where he leads the research area in Climate Economics and Finance, and Visiting Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His research focuses on the links between macro-financial systems and sustainability transitions. He is the recipient of an ERC Starting Grant for the SMOOTH project (Sustainable Finance for a Smooth Low-Carbon Transition). He is also a principal investigator in the CASCADES (H2020), WINDOW (OeNB) and GreenMacro (Mistra) projects.

Bocconi University

di Castelnuovo

Dr. Matteo Di Castelnuovo is Director of the Master in Sustainability and Energy Management (MaSEM) at Bocconi University, Director of the Africa Lab, Coordinator of the Just Energy Transition Team in the Sustainability Lab and SDA Professor of Practice in Energy Economics at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is also the faculty representative in the Energy and Utilities Topic within the Bocconi Alumni Community. Dr Di Castelnuovo has over twenty years of experience working on energy markets. Prior to going back to academia in 2004, he has worked for a few years as a strategic energy consultant in the UK. His research interests are energy economics, regulation, market design, liberalization, energy and climate policy, low-carbon technologies and energy access in developing countries.

Council on Economic Policies

Pierre Monnin

Pierre Monnin is a fellow with CEP where he is focusing on the environmental and social effects of monetary policy. His research on climate change concentrates on the implications of climate risks for the financial sector, as well as on the integration of these risks in monetary policy. Prior to that he has been with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) in various roles, mainly related to financial stability. He also worked in the financial sector, developing asset allocation strategies for alternative investments.

Upcoming Webinars

"Climate Change and Central Banks"


Misa Tanaka – Head of Research at the Bank of England

Join us on Monday June 22,  2020 at 5pm BST for a live webinar and Q&A.

Please register here to receive an email with a  link to attend the presentation.

Misa Tanaka – Head of Research at the Bank of England

Join us on Monday June 22,  2020 at 5pm BST for a live webinar and Q&A.

Please register here to receive an email with a  link to attend the presentation.

Past Webinars

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