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Useful Data

DB – Nomics

DBnomics is a new database of free international macroeconomic data by Banque de France, CEPREMAP and France Stratégie

Useful Data

The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870–2015

This paper introduces a large new dataset on the total rates of return for all major asset classes, including housing — the largest, but oft ignored component of household wealth. The data covers most advanced economies—sixteen in all—starting in the year 1870.

Useful Data

Price Statistics Compilation in 196 Economies: The Relevance for Policy Analysis

This paper focuses on current practices with regard to the (1) frequency of updating  the weights; (2) coverage of the CPI and PPI; (3) timeliness of CPI and PPI; and (4) classification systems used in CPI and PPI compilation.

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