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Tariffs, employment and productivity

Is tariff escalation efficient? Evidence from the US-China trade war.


People’s views on trade

Two recent research papers find that people have a preference towards protectionist policies even if they are provided with evidence-based information on the benefits of trade for goods prices.


Globalization post-Ukraine war

How will globalization be reshaped after the war? Could we achieve a better globalization?


On the EU-China trade and FDI

How has China invested in the Europe during the last 20 years and should the EU join the CPTPP?


The debate on global supply chains is evolving…

A year after the COVID-19 disruptions and amidst the current product shortages, two interesting research papers look at GVCs from a different angle.


Value chains, tariffs and COVID

How did global value chains get reorganized after the US tariffs of 2018? Does renationalization increase resilience?


Mavericks on trade

The case against trade agreements.


The German trade surplus

Is Germany’s trade surplus hurting the US? New research on whether wage or expansionary fiscal policy could reduce the German trade surplus.

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