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Sample Newsletters, Trade

The realignment of Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains have come under unprecedented stress since 2017. Brand new research on what are the emerging trends.


Interesting new research on trade

How does trade uncertainty affect domestic credit supply? A new modelling framework that allows nowcasting of trade data using machine learning.


The effects of protectionism

How does protectionism affect welfare and the role of dollar as a reserve currency?


Politics and trade

New research on the vicious cycle between trade, populism, and protectionism in the West.


On the costs of geoeconomic fragmentation

Two research papers estimate the costsĀ  of a policy-driven reversal of global economic integration.


The link between trade and capital flows

New research on how do goods trade and capital investments interact with one another and how the cost of capital affects growth in world trade.


The new protectionism

The U.S Inflation Reduction Act has raised concerns about protectionism. Is this the time for an environmentally-driven reinvigoration of the WTO? Or, is this protectionism necessary?



“Friend-shoring,” a new multilateral trade approach that limits trade to countries with shared values, is being advocated by US and Canadian officials. Is this mercantilism under a new name?


Tariffs, employment and productivity

Is tariff escalation efficient? Evidence from the US-China trade war.


People’s views on trade

Two recent research papers find that people have a preference towards protectionist policies even if they are provided with evidence-based information on the benefits of trade for goods prices.

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