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On France’s digital tax

The main arguments against the digital tax and interesting research on why such tax is necessary.


Machine learning and financial crises

New research on how machine learning can be used to predict systemic financial crises.


Cyber risk and regulation

Cyber risks and financial risks interact to cause systemic crises. What are the principles that should guide a regulatory response?

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Facebook’s Libra

A lot has already been written about Libra. We selected the most interesting commentaries.


CBDC: where do we stand

New research on the viability of Central Bank Digital Currency.


What’s new with blockchain

The new IPO is with blockchain-based “tokens.”


“The biggest puzzle in economics”

We live in a superstar economy which lacks any actual superstar firms!


Data in the modern economy

The economic arguments for or against data privacy regulation.


The revolution is here: AI in economics!

According to new research, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used to measure the rate of inflation, reduce search frictions and overcome computational barriers.


A “glorified spreadsheet”?

Is blockchain a glorified spreadsheet or a mechanism that can improve welfare?

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