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On Central Banks’ mandate

The changing and growing roles of independent Central Banks might now require a reconsideration of their mandate.

Monetary Policy

Challenges in central bank communication

New research on the importance of semantic simplicity of central bank communication and how high inflationary environments impact agents attention to this communication.

Monetary Policy

Automation and monetary policy

How does automation affect the Phillips curve? Does tight monetary policy lead to de-automation?

Monetary Policy

Contractionary monetary policy and innovation

Two recent studies, one empirical and one theoretical, explore the impact of a monetary shock on R&D investments and productivity.

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy through the years

How have central banks used their balance sheets during the last 400 years? An interesting framework to evaluate central bank performance from a historical perspective!

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy and fiscal sustainability

New research on how fiscal dominance impacts price stability and how unconventional monetary policies impact fiscal sustainability.

Monetary Policy

The importance of financial stability to monetary policy moves

Are central banks less willing to target inflation when financial markets are in distress?

Monetary Policy

Policymakers and macroprudential policies

The macro costs of macroprudential policies and how policymakers are implementing them.

Monetary Policy

Next steps for Fed policy

Will the Fed today “hike, skip or pause?” A perspective on the FOMC’s decision-making.

Monetary Policy

Labor supply, wages and monetary policy

According to new research, contractionary monetary policy decreases wage inequality and increases labor supply!

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