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Monetary Policy

Monetary policy strategies and people’s perceptions

How should a central bank react to a supply shock?  How do professional forecasters perceive monetary rules?

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy in a CBDC world

Two new studies raise important issues the issuance of CBDCs will imply for the implementation of monetary policy.

Monetary Policy

Is forward guidance effective?

Two new research papers provide evidence on when forward guidance is effective.

Monetary Policy

On average inflation targeting

Is average inflation targeting destabilizing? During the recent inflationary surge would aggressive inflation targeting have performed better?

Monetary Policy

On the remuneration of bank reserves

Should central banks continue to provide liquidity directly to banks and other financial institutions?

Monetary Policy

Recalculating the natural rate

Two recent research papers provide alternative approaches to measuring the natural rate of interest.

Monetary Policy

Monetary-macroprudential policy interactions

Under which economic conditions monetary and macroprudential policies are substitutes or complements.

Monetary Policy

The impact of synchronous monetary tightening

The current global monetary tightening is unprecedented in its degree of synchronicity . What are the challenges for individual central banks?

Monetary Policy, Sample Newsletters

On Central Banks’ mandate

The changing and growing roles of independent Central Banks might now require a reconsideration of their mandate.

Monetary Policy

Challenges in central bank communication

New research on the importance of semantic simplicity of central bank communication and how high inflationary environments impact agents attention to this communication.

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