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Revisionist history

New research shows that the US Phillips curve has been flat since the early 1980s. This implies that there was no missing disinflation or missing reinflation over the past few business cycles!


Does the US labor market operate efficiently?

Two recent research papers look at the Beveridge curve for clues!


On liquidity traps

Do they really exist? If so, can policymakers understand the type of liquidity trap an economy is experiencing?

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Debt sustainability: a careful look at r-g

Brand new research on why r – g is not the whole story when it comes to government debt sustainability.


Thoughts on the year ahead

Will the 2020s be like the roaring 20s? What are the 2021 priorities for US monetary policy? What to look forward to?


Forecasting with big data

Interesting new research on alternative big data and nowcasting.


Redistribution and taxes

The role of financial frictions and sovereign debt in redistributive taxation.


On macro models

Three interesting new papers on: a dynamic disequilibrium theory with randomness, an interesting compilation of DSGE models from around the world, measurements issues in DSGEs.


Views on the public debt of advanced countries

Piketty, Cochrane, Rajan and Johnson on COVID debt.


On uncertainty measures

New research shows cross-sectional uncertainty to be acyclical. Some evidence from Europe during COVID.

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