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Big data and the macroeconomy

Big data has just begun to permeate economists’ thinking about the aggregate economy.


The allocation of talent

How much does an economy gain when talent, across race and gender, is efficiently allocated and how technological innovation in communications has increased the return to skill.


How to fight secular stagnation

In the current environment, “loosening monetary policy is exactly what is not needed”, writes Larry Summers and stirs up a debate.


Argentina’s crisis: Who is to blame?

Who is to blame: neoliberalism, populism or economists?


Some global trends

What are the trends for global competition and labor share?


How should government debt be valued?

Government debt is often measured either at its face value, market value, or amortized cost. Do these measurement bases lead to reliable indicators of the burden of the debt?


On sovereign debt default

Why almost all defaults are partial and not complete?  Why tax evasion renders fiscal consolidations ineffective?


Populism: economics or culture?

Are the cultural and economic explanations of populism in tension with each other?


Lobbying and the economy

Lobbying has become pervasive in advanced economies. New research shows how lobbying negatively affects productivity, efficiency and financial risk.

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Optimal currency area and the EMU

Is the optimal currency area model useful in understanding the eurozone crisis?

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