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The debate over minimum wage

Novel new research on how increases in minimum wage affect employment, crime and fertility of high income families.


The other face of inequality

Does inequality lower the chance of high IQ individuals of becoming inventors?


“Should policymakers care about inequality?”

…not the answer you would expect!


A wealth of information on the 1%

In 2007 which European country had wealth close to 40% of its GDP hidden in Panama? For which European country Switzerland was the main tax haven?


The best on populism and economics

What gives rise to left-wing populism vs. right wing populism? Why is populism here to stay?


The Universal Basic Income debate

What are the real goals of a UBI policy? What are the main problems and what experiments are being run. Is it a better policy for developing countries? How does it affect the bargaining power of workers and women?


The marriage market

Palais and al. on what is draining women’s ambition. Autor and al. on the marriage undesirability of manufacturing workers.


What’s new on inequality

Marshall Steinbaum on the economic research that ensued after Piketty. SeHyoun Ahn and al. publish a paper on inequality and macro shocks. Pierre Monin presents research on the effect of macropru on income distribution.

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