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Financial Markets

Return predictability: is there?

Going beyond the standard psychology-based models to evaluate the degree of predictability of asset returns.

Financial Markets

What are money managers paid for?

Money managers rarely outperform their benchmark index yet their pay has dramatically increased the last 20 years.

Financial Markets

October 1987?

The similarities between the stock market crash in October 1987 and the one that occurred last week.

Financial Markets

What’s up with bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin has risen above $10,000 and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the CBOE Futures Exchange are launching Bitcoin futures or other derivatives contracts. Cochrane, Cowen, Yates and Damodaran are explaining what might be going on.

Financial Markets

A period of high risk

What are the risks hidden behind the financial markets’ current exuberance… and does “finance benefit society”?

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