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Economic Science

The different approaches to monetary policy

Which monetary policy stabilizes the economy: monetarist or Keynesian?

Economic Science

Musings on economics

The three types of inquiry of economic theory and a new paradigm for economics.

Economic Science

Heterogeneous agent models and AI

Two new research papers on how to solve high dimensional heterogeneous agent models.

Economic Science

Changes in economics

What has driven change in economics and what is the way forward.

Economic Science

Most read posts in 2021

The topics and the papers which garnered the most interest.

Economic Science

The state of the economics profession

Are economists satisfied with the status quo of economic research? Will the virtual format of workshops and seminars persist post COVID?

Economic Science

Rethinking mainstream macroeconomics

Two interesting critiques of the microfoundations approach to macroeconomics.

Economic Science, Sample Newsletters

Rethinking the DSGE models

Should DSGE models be brought back to their empirical roots or be replaced?

Economic Science

Random forests and macroeconomics

Three new papers use random forests, a machine learning technique, to develop early warning signs for financial crises and economic recessions.

Economic Science

Women and economics

Research worth reading in celebration of the International Women’s Day!

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