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Economic Growth

Warning signs from the US economy

The uncertainty indexes have shot up and the yield curve is flattening. Is the US heading towards a recession?

Economic Growth

The return of the zombies

Empirical regularities between the growing incidence of zombie firms and declining interest rates.

Economic Growth

The scandals

Two scandals have damaged the World Bank’s reputation and led to the resignation of its Chief Economist, Paul Romer.

Economic Growth

Thinking outside the box…

…about productivity.

Economic Growth

Fragile global growth

As 2018 begins the global economy is gathering speed but not all of the news is good.

Economic Growth

Views on 2018

Is the global economy on solid ground?

Economic Growth

Do we need growth?

Why we might need to adjust our views about strong economic growth and productivity.

Economic Growth

Views on the global economy

How will the global economy look like in 50 years? Views from the US and Asia.

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