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Low growth and sustainability

Tim Jackson and Peter Victor develop a model of “weightless growth” which leads to improved social and environmental outcomes.


Climate change and economics

Interesting new research which quantifies the effect of climate change on GDP, analyzes the effect of tariffs on CO2 emissions and evaluates the impact of climate policy uncertainty.


Green bonds and the ECB

Commentary on how the ECB could stimulate the financing of environmental investments.


Assessing climate risks

…at the institutional and individual level.


Uncertainty in climate economic models

New research on how to understand the vast array of uncertainties in climate economic models and how to synthesize them in a way useful to policymakers.


Financial stability and the green economy

What are the risks of climate change to financial stability?


The economics of climate change

How QE has favored the high-carbon sector and why the US has been caught in a cycle of extreme shifts in climate policy since the 1970s.

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