Category: CBDC


On the progress of digital euro

In June the European Commission will publish a legislative proposal on principles for the digital euro as the ECB is considering to advance to an experimental phase. Some interesting commentary on the usefulness and design of the digital euro.


First mover advantage for a CBDC

There is a rush to issue CBDCs driven not only by payment system markets considerations but also by an intention to gain financial and geopolitical primacy. Recent research examines these issues.


The latest on CBDCs

How will CBDCs affect international currency competition? A potential new design for CBDCs from MIT.


The digital dollar?

A recent Federal Reserve Board research paper outlines the Fed’s intentions for issuing a digital dollar and the possible approaches.


On the digital euro

Which functionalities for the digital euro and what are the risks. The role of commercial banks.


What are mCBDCs?

New research on how multiple central bank issued digital currencies can facilitate cross-border payments.

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