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The new monopolies

The US tech giants in eight charts.

Monetary Policy

New research on the forward guidance puzzle

Does the forward guidance puzzle really exist?

Economic Growth

The return of the zombies

Empirical regularities between the growing incidence of zombie firms and declining interest rates.


Minsky moments

Are China and the US heading to another Minsky moment?


Ageing populations and real interest rates

New research on how demographics have impacted the economies of advanced countries and what to expect going forward.

Monetary Policy


Will Jerome Powell, the new Fed Chair, need to hit the brakes or defend the Fed’s independence?


Eurozone’s safe assets

The ESRB Task Force on Safe Assets has just published its report on the feasibility of sovereign bond-backed securities for the euro area.


New and noteworthy books (January)

Four new and noteworthy books on global financial governance, the eurozone, degrowth and agent based models.

Economic Growth

The scandals

Two scandals have damaged the World Bank’s reputation and led to the resignation of its Chief Economist, Paul Romer.

Economic Growth

Thinking outside the box…

…about productivity.

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