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News and the economy

News-based uncertainty measures and their effect on asset prices and macroeconomic variables.

Economic Science

New and Post Keynesian economics

The current state of the debate between mainstream and heterodox macroeconomists.

Economic Science

Ten most read posts in July

A list of commentaries and research papers which got the highest number of views during July 2017.


New and noteworthy books in economics (August)

Three notable new books on: Finance, Universal Basic Income and Hayek and Keynes

Monetary Policy

Do interest rates matter?

Are interest rates the main channel through which monetary policy is transmitted? A look at old and new research.


China News

Things are “fishy” in China!


The modern firm

The Medici cycle and why the rising income inequality is driven by firm-level inequality.


The Universal Basic Income debate

What are the real goals of a UBI policy? What are the main problems and what experiments are being run. Is it a better policy for developing countries? How does it affect the bargaining power of workers and women?

Economic Growth

Do we need growth?

Why we might need to adjust our views about strong economic growth and productivity.


The future of energy

A new IMF working paper traces the role of oil in the global economy beyond 2040. But are our energy intensity projections accurate? If so, will a low oil price cause a macroeconomic shock of historic proportions in the Middle East?

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