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Economic Science

Drifting towards new macro models…

Is the dominance of microfounded macro models really coming to an end?


The macro labor market story

“Fundamental surplus” and matching models. Impact of monetary policy when policymakers are uncertain about the structure of the labor market.


In the zone!

Different sides of the Atlantic, different views on the Eurozone.


International Bank Credit

What is the current state of financial globalization? How important is the Global Financial Cycle?


Central Bank Digital Currencies

Recent research suggests that Central Bank Digital Currencies can increase GDP, raise the efficiency of retail payments and render a negative interest policy more effective. But what are Central Bankers saying?


A wealth of information on the 1%

In 2007 which European country had wealth close to 40% of its GDP hidden in Panama? For which European country Switzerland was the main tax haven?


The empirics of the natural rate of interest

New research on alternative specifications of r*.


Replacing LIBOR

The CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority has called for the replacement of LIBOR by the end of 2021. The Federal Reserve is proposing three alternative benchmarks to the US Dollar LIBOR.

Economic Science

Ten most read posts in August

A list of commentaries and research papers which got the highest number of views during August 2017.


Labor Day: a check-in on wages

How have wages fared in Europe and the US.

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