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Eurozone in turmoil…again!

Why the populist wave is set to continue in Europe.


On Italy

Can the Eurozone handle a crisis in Italy?

Monetary Policy

Central Bank of Turkey vs Central Bank of Argentina

Neo-Fisherism works in Turkey while the Phillips curve works in Argentina.


New and noteworthy books in economics (May)

Five authors: Mazzucato, Fratzscher, Tucker, Ghysels and Marcellino and four interesting books.


Did QE increase inequality after all?

New research on whether QE has increased inequality in the UK, Italy and the US.


On commodities

Commodity prices (from aluminum, to grains to oil) have significantly increased since the beginning of the year: what is driving commodity price fluctuations, how connected are commodity markets?


On global public goods

Towards a new theory of global public economics.

International Economics

A strong dollar

The recent sharp and sudden dollar appreciation might not be consistent with a longer-term rebalancing of the global economy.

Monetary Policy

The neo-Fisherians are back!

Has the neo-Fisherite policy worked in the US?

Economic Science

Marx’s bicentennial

Did Marx flunk economics?

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