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Economic Growth

The scandals

Two scandals have damaged the World Bank’s reputation and led to the resignation of its Chief Economist, Paul Romer.

Economic Growth

Thinking outside the box…

…about productivity.

Economic Growth

Fragile global growth

As 2018 begins the global economy is gathering speed but not all of the news is good.


Modelling households

Households’ welfare, undiversified portfolios and precautionary savings and their impact on monetary policy and economic growth.

Monetary Policy


Lowflation: a problem for the Eurozone, a perplexity for the US.


The debate over minimum wage

Novel new research on how increases in minimum wage affect employment, crime and fertility of high income families.


The other face of inequality

Does inequality lower the chance of high IQ individuals of becoming inventors?

Economic Science

Economists and policymakers

Why did fiscal Keynesianism resurge in the immediate aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis and then collapsed with the adoption of austerity policies in the US and Europe?


The leaky bucket of financial regulation

Why financial stability remains elusive.


On immigration

Recent trends and research on immigration.

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