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Financial Markets

What’s up with bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin has risen above $10,000 and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the CBOE Futures Exchange are launching Bitcoin futures or other derivatives contracts. Cochrane, Cowen, Yates and Damodaran are explaining what might be going on.


“GDP at risk”

New research on the conditional distribution of GDP growth as a function of economic and financial conditions.


New and noteworthy books in economics (December)

Four notable new books on capital flows, intangible economy, on financial markets after the different crises and the role European mega banks played in the Great Recession.

Monetary Policy

The natural rate of unemployment

Should we reject the natural rate hypothesis? Is the natural rate of unemployment constant?


Machine learning

Machine learning at Central Banks and in financial markets: the benefits and the risks.


Productivity trends in Southern EU

Did European integration boost or hamper productivity growth in Spain, Italy and Portugal?


Who are the economics dilettantes?

…people who don’t like DSGE models.

Monetary Policy

QE and exchange rates

Views from Europe, the US and Switzerland.


For the next downturn…(2)

…is the US ready?


Productivity and wages: decoupled?

Recent research shows that economists disagree.

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