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International Economics

The Georgieva issue

Politics and economics rattle the top echelons of the IMF.


Social network effects and housing markets

Novel new data sets enable researchers to model agents’ economic decisions in a way that is closer to reality. Two papers on how peer effects impact housing markets.

Financial Markets

Recent developments in the crypto ecosystem

The crypto ecosystem expanded and grew rapidly in 2021. Despite the challenges these assets might pose to financial stability, history shows that we are entering a new cycle in monetary history.


Progress report on the European Banking Union

Europe’s Banking Union has not achieved its goals but has benefited the Eurozone’s banking sector in unexpected ways.

Monetary Policy

Why do central banks undertake reforms?

Interesting research on what drives institutional reforms as well as monetary policy framework reviews in central banks.


The welfare cost of inflation

Two different models and data to calculate the welfare cost in the U.S. and Europe.

Monetary Policy

On inflation expectations

The importance of anchoring inflation expectations.


New and noteworthy books in economics (September)

Four important books for this month: Brunnermeier on resilience, Tooze on COVID, Eichengreen et al. on debt and Prassad on the end of cash.


Does decarbolisation imply degrowth?

Does the world economy need to grow less in order to reach net zero in 2050? A lively debate!


On diagnostic expectations

New research that studies the psychological foundations of information processing.

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