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Economic Science

Ten most read posts in May

A list of commentaries and research papers which got the highest number of views during May 2017.


Narrative economics and black swans

What is “Narrative Economics”? Why narratives have an economic impact? Can the memory of a black swan event, like the 2008 financial crisis, prevent people from spending and investing even today?


Housing prices and labor allocation

Three new papers shed light on how housing regulation affects productivity, worker allocation, wage dispersion and economic growth.


What’s new on inequality

Marshall Steinbaum on the economic research that ensued after Piketty. SeHyoun Ahn and al. publish a paper on inequality and macro shocks. Pierre Monin presents research on the effect of macropru on income distribution.

Monetary Policy

The Fed’s balance sheet normalization

How will the Fed shrink its balance sheet and what should its ultimate size be? Federal Reserve Board staff, Narayana Kocherlakota, Ben Bernanke and Christopher Sims answer these questions.

Economic Science

The conformity of economic papers

Which types of economic papers are getting published? Heckman on how journals reinforce tired orthodoxies in economics.

Monetary Policy


Cecchetti and Schoenholtz on what has become of Bitcoin. Larry White on the new dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies and Bordo and Levin on central bank issued digital currency.


The future of banking

Is fintech the future of banking? Larry Summers and Christine Lagarde argue the pros and the cons. New research explains why the UK is now the largest fintech market in the world.


New research on the r-star

Has the equilibrium real interest rate declined? Two new research papers dispute this recent research finding. What policy rule should Central Banks follow when the level of r-star is uncertain, asks John Williams, of the San Francisco Fed.


After the French elections: Views from the US

What does the Macron victory imply for the future of Eurozone? Opinions from Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Paul Krugman and John Cochrane. Steve Cecchetti and Kim Schoenholtz are starting to worry about Italy now.

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