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Digital payments during COVID

COVID has accelerated the trend towards digital payments and away from cash: a boon and a bane for emerging markets. What should the role of central banks be?

Useful Data

How do different reopening strategies balance health and employment?

A heterogeneous-agents network-based model used to simulate how different COVID related policy choices affect the trade-off between unemployment and deaths.

Useful Data

COVID-19 Financial Response Tracker

The COVID-19 Financial Response Tracker (CFRT) follows economic interventions by central banks, fiscal authorities, and international organizations aimed at combating the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic and restoring financial stability.


The EU Recovery Fund: a Hamiltonian or Rooseveltian moment?

Some interesting commentary on the importance of European Union Recovery Fund.


Chinese growth post COVID

After a decline of 6.8% during the first quarter, China reported growth of 3.2% for the second quarter. How reliable are these statistics ?


New and noteworthy books in economics (July)

This month’s selections are on climate change, collective action and inequality, the never popping China bubble and a thorough analysis of currency unions.

Monetary Policy

Negative interest rates, prolonged monetary accommodation and banks

Fresh off the press : Under what conditions negative interest rates and prolonged monetary accommodation benefit the economy or lead to a financial crisis.


Taxonomy of economic uncertainty

A comprehensive survey of the literature on uncertainty measures and a new index to detect truly exogenous shocks.

International Economics

Re-evaluating the role of trade and value chains during pandemics

New research with some counter-intuitive results on how trade impacts pandemics. Would renationalization of specific value chains increase resilience?


Future food supply

How is COVID transforming food supply chains?

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