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International Economics

Are capital controls making a comeback?

After the financial crisis opposition to capital controls wavered. Two very recent papers examine whether limits on capital mobility achieve their financial and macroeconomic goals.


What happened to India?

Thirty years ago India was considered one of the engines of global growth. Today though, India’s economic engine is sputtering as GDP growth is the lowest it has been in six years.


Rebuking Blanchard

Three recent research papers are refuting the conclusions stated in Olivier Blanchard's 2019 paper “Public Debt and Low Interest Rates.”

Economic Science

Economists and society

During the ASSA 2020 Annual Meeting two papers by Luigi Zingales and George DeMartino emphasize economists' responsibilities towards society.


Questions for 2020

Economists opine about the main macro issues to be tackled during 2020.


New and noteworthy books in economics (December)

In this month’s selection there are three books on the social and political problems of our day.  The fourth book is on how art and economics grow more entangled.


Low growth and sustainability

Tim Jackson and Peter Victor develop a model of “weightless growth” which leads to improved social and environmental outcomes.

Monetary Policy

Is the repo market broken?

Since September the Fed has been pumping cash into the system in the form of short term loans out of fear that banks are unable to lend. What are critics saying?

International Economics

The crisis at the WTO

The U.S. has been chipping away at the WTO for the last two years. How does today’s situation compare to the U.S.-Japan trade war of the 1970s?


The revolts of 2019

Branko Milanovic wonders why the world is in uproar and Nicola Gennaioli and Guido Tabellini offer a possible explanation.

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