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New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

…for those of you who can concentrate and read a book during the COVID-19 crisis: Stiglitz on Europe, Kay and King on handling uncertainty, Deaton and Coase on deaths of despair and Skidelsky on the failures of economics through an interdisciplinary prism.


Innovation in the time of coronavirus

3D printing and digital manufacturing are taking center stage during the coronavirus crisis. What will the effect be on global value chains?


Employment during the pandemic

Who are the workers mostly at risk during this pandemic?


The economics of pandemics

Economists model the evolution and the costs of pandemics. Does fear help or worsen the situation?


Coronavirus in the U.S.

Policies, bottlenecks and disagreements.


Coronavirus in Europe

We sifted through commentaries on the impact of coronavirus on Europe and selected some of the best.



Will the U.S. slide into a recession? Will Italy’s credit supply be affected? Is the spread of the coronavirus exponential?

Financial Markets

The stock market turmoil

What to watch for and possible policy responses.

Economic Science

Women and economics

Research worth reading in celebration of the International Women’s Day!


Asymmetries during recessions

The fortunes of a small number of firms can drive recessions which affect disproportionately workers of a certain age.

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