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On US capitalism

Deaton, Stiglitz and Piketty on US capitalism.

Monetary Policy

The dangerous r-star!

In countries with little fiscal space and low interest rates tracking r-star can be costly.

Economics of Information

Belief polarization

When uncertainty and prior beliefs lead to polarization.


Debt sustainability: a careful look at r-g

Brand new research on why r – g is not the whole story when it comes to government debt sustainability.

Economic Science

Random forests and macroeconomics

Three new papers use random forests, a machine learning technique, to develop early warning signs for financial crises and economic recessions.


Thoughts on the year ahead

Will the 2020s be like the roaring 20s? What are the 2021 priorities for US monetary policy? What to look forward to?


New and noteworthy books in economics (December)

Our selection for this month includes an e-book on the shareholder-stakeholder debate, two books on stability and disorder in banking, and a book that explains how China became a leader in fintech.


Breaking up big tech

What do economists think about the looming antitrust battles.

Monetary Policy

On nationally-oriented monetary policy

New research on international monetary cooperation: the incentives for and against.


Forecasting with big data

Interesting new research on alternative big data and nowcasting.

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