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Economic Growth

Recent productivity trends

An analysis of global productivity trends since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the role of creativity in productivity growth.


Corporate profits, income distribution, and inflation

Two new research papers on the cyclicality of markups, inflation and its implications for monetary policy.


The latest information on CBDCs

A literature review that highlights the most recent findings on the impact of CBDCs on traditional banking in terms of payments, lending, and liquidity and maturity transformation. A 2024 tracker of CBDC projects around the world.


The EU’s capital markets union: has it failed?

The EU’s capital markets union has stalled. A new look at the structural impediments and a suggestion on how to move forward.

Monetary Policy

Price stability vs financial stability

Two new research papers on  whether a central bank’s mandate should be updated to include financial stability alongside price stability.


Detecting turning points in inflation trends

New research on how to identify structural breaks in the inflation cycle by using a) a non-parametric method to construct a leading indicator, and b) the latest advancements in high-frequency inflation measurement.


A China shock: impact on global markets

New research identifies the channels through which an economic shock in China, such as a crisis in the Chinese property sector, impacts global financial markets and the U.S.


New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

For this month we selected: two books on climate policies and the role of financial markets and political economy; a book on an evolutionary approach to understanding financial system dynamics; and the proceedings from the recent  Hoover Institute’s Monetary Policy Conference.

Monetary Policy

Central banking since 2007

What are the drivers of the transformation of central banking since 2007? What are the macroeconomic and financial challenges faced by central banks going forward?


Zombie firms and banks

Can well capitalized banks mitigate the negative spillover effects of zombie firms? What are the implications for macroprudential policy?

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