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New and noteworthy books in economics (January)

Four books that highlight original thinking on the risks from natural disasters, the future of work, the digital economy and sovereign default.


On biodiversity and central banks

New research on how central central banks are beginning to explore how to address the impacts of biodiversity loss on financial stability.

Monetary Policy

Evaluating the Fed’s monetary policy

Is the Fed behind the curve?


How worrisome is China’s growth decline?

New research shows that the Chinese economy is actually contracting, while theĀ  natural interest rate in China has declined to levels observed in many other economies.

Politics & Economics

Political turnover and economics

Two new and interesting papers that paint a gloomy picture of the trade-off between economic policies and political turnover.

Financial Markets

The risks of safe assets

How much safety and liquidity can safe assets provide?


Predictions for 2022

Five economists on what to expect in 2022.

Economic Science

Most read posts in 2021

The topics and the papers which garnered the most interest.


Policy lessons from the pandemic

How well did non pharmaceutical interventions work? Why economists and epidemiologists made divergent policy recommendations?

Useful Data

A new Global Database of Inflation

A new database which compiles inflation data from multiple sources, including various international institutions as well as a large number of country-specific sources.

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