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The tariffs on Chinese EVs: a misguided policy?

Why the U.S. and EU tariffs on Chinese EVs make no sense: opinions from both side of the Atlantic.


Innovation, technology diffusion, and jobs

Do new technologies increase employment? Is inventor mobility important to innovation?

Economics of Information

On the economics of information

Which news get to be reported? The latest research on the implications of information control and information abundance for mis and disinformation.

Politics & Economics

The impact of politics on central banks

How has political pressure affected monetary policy in the U.S.? What are European politicians think about the ECB?

Monetary Policy

Monetary policy cycles

New research on the characteristics of easing and tightening phases during the last 54 years. Challenges and policy implications going forward.


Rethinking how we measure human development and welfare

Two new research papers on the need to rethink human development by considering the contributions of population growth and the importance of global cooperation to address shared challenges in an increasingly polarized world.


Should AI be regulated?

New research investigates the economic effects of AI and the regulatory actions taken in response. Economists on opposite sides of the Atlantic hold markedly contrasting views on the need to regulate AI.

Politics & Economics

On political discourse

Economists explore a) the impact of zero-sum thinking on political views and policies, and b) whether politicians’ positions and policies correspond to voter preferences in the U.S. and France.


On industrial policies

Industrial policies have regained prominence in both advanced and developing economies:  new research highlights some positive effects of modern industrial policy and how it can be implemented effectively.


The challenges of the current international trade rules system

New research on how international power impacts trade rules and why the current international trade rules system is unraveling.

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