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A more cautious approach to climate policy

Is monetary policy an efficient climate tool?  On the importance of sequencing decarbonization policies.


New and noteworthy books in economics (November)

For this month we selected four books that raise the alarm on central banks’ aggressive strategies, the crises of modern economies, and the scale of the environmental problem.

International Economics

Dollarization in Argentina

Inflation in Argentina is currently 100 percent. Is dollarization is good solution for a country with limited dollar reserves?

International Economics

Dollar appreciation in periods of high global risk

What is the impact of dollar appreciation on the transmission of global risk? Does it help the world economy in coping with global risk shocks or does it amplify their adverse impact?

Economic Science

Biases in academic research

Recent research papers identify both political and corporate funding bias in economic research.

Financial Markets

On global capital allocation

Recent trends in global capital allocation and which financial measures better predict capital flows.


On green jobs

New research on whether renewable energy investments create jobs and  the level of skills required for low carbon jobs.

Politics & Economics

How to bridge the gap between good economics and good politics

Two recent commentaries on why economists should provide politically feasible options, even if suboptimal.


CBDCs and bank deposits

Most research analyzes the impact of CBDCs on banks under the assumption that they are perfect substitutes to bank deposits. When this assumption is relaxed, how will CBDCs impact the banking sector?


On Eurobonds

Recent research finds that the issuance of Eurobonds to stabilize a crisis is welfare improving. But why are Eurobonds linked to NextGenEU currently priced lower than bonds of individual EA countries?

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