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Monetary Policy

How to measure inflation going forward

COVID and decarbonization are affecting the standard measures of inflation. What are central banks to do?


New and noteworthy books in economics (October)

Our selection for this month includes: two timely books on the new role of central banks and the state; and two books on how to think outside the box about growth and capitalism.

Financial Markets

Stakeholder capitalism

How to go from shareholder wealth maximization and its great simplicity to stakeholder welfare maximization and its great complexity.

Financial Markets

Musings on markets

New research on whether the US stock market is overvalued; will a vaccine be a silver bullet for corporate earnings?


Views on the public debt of advanced countries

Piketty, Cochrane, Rajan and Johnson on COVID debt.

Monetary Policy

Macropru in the time of COVID

Did macropru reduce volatility during COVID? Did it protect banks’ intermediation capacity?


On uncertainty measures

New research shows cross-sectional uncertainty to be acyclical. Some evidence from Europe during COVID.


Smarter lockdowns

The real trade-offs of future lockdowns, and an online simulator.


The banking industry during COVID

How has the global banking sector fared so far? What factors could depress the banks ability to lend going forward?


Interactions between monetary and fiscal policies

Should monetary and fiscal policies be coordinated?

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