On the EU-China trade and FDI

How has China invested in the Europe during the last 20 years and should the EU join the CPTPP?


Is the debate over whether inflation is transitory over?

Inflation in both the US and Europe has risen significantly. Why this increase might be transitory for Europe but not for the US.


New and noteworthy books in economics (November)

Three of our book selections for this month show the importance of thinking outside the box: on economic science, the future of eurozone, and the current politico/economic debate. The fourth book is a biography of a man who only thought outside the box.


Low interest rates and corporate leverage

Are low interest rates expansionary or contractionary? A look at U.S. corporate leverage.


New inflation datasets

The World Bank constructed a global database of inflation and the Federal Reserve Board constructed an alternative measure.


COP26: Some interesting comments

We have selected the most interesting commentary on COP26.


Monetary-Fiscal policy mix in the Eurozone

A call for an institutional framework to ensure that the Eurozone’s monetary and fiscal stance at the aggregate level are coherent.


Will the NGEU funds be effective?

The Next Generation EU funds have the potential to significantly boost growth in EU. But will they?

Monetary Policy

Central bank communication and financial markets

Taking a deeper look at the “Fed information effect.”


The debate on global supply chains is evolving…

A year after the COVID-19 disruptions and amidst the current product shortages, two interesting research papers look at GVCs from a different angle.

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