Politics & Economics

On political extremism

New research on the reasons that drive the success of extreme political parties.


How to crash a currency

Some interesting commentary on the recently announced UK tax plan.


New and noteworthy books in economics (September)

For September, we have selected four books on “how did we get here,” from a historical and ideological point of view.


Safe asset shortage

Safe asset shortage leads to collateral reuse. New research examines the effect of reuse on repo rates. Could issuance of Eurobonds alleviate the safe asset shortage in the Eurosystem?


Macro uncertainty, households and firms

Two new research papers are using Randomized Control Trials to evaluate the effect of macroeconomic uncertainty on household spending and firms’ decisions.

Monetary Policy

Some new challenges for central banks

The pandemic has given rise to new challenges for central banks. These include: uncertainty over the trajectory of r* and the increasing importance of NFBIs.


On corporate taxes and investments

New research using novel methods estimates the effect of both corporate tax hikes and cuts on investments, R&D and productivity.

Monetary Policy

Machine learning in macro modelling

New research on how deep reinforcement learning can be used to model bounded rationality and neural networks to estimate nonlinear HANK models.

International Economics

The new global financial cycle

The strong dollar appreciation augurs a new contractionary phase of the global financial cycle. What does that mean for both emerging market and developing economies and dollar’s hegemony.

Financial Markets

DeFi vs CeFi

New research on the advantages and disadvantages of centralized versus decentralized finance.

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