Zombie firms and inflation

Does cheap credit to zombie firms has a disinflationary effect?

Economic Science

Should economists be trusted?

Paul Romer argues that economists of the 60s and 70s might have ruined the economy.


New research on automation and employment

When looking at the impact of automation on employment at the firm level and on individual workers, the evidence is mixed.


The link between inequality and political upheaval

Downward mobility rather than inequality leads to political upheaval, according to two new research papers.


Fiscal Theory of the Price Level: the latest

Can active fiscal policy be safely  pursued even when monetary policy is active? Do discount rates matter?


Will the coronavirus slowdown the Chinese economy?

…you will be surprised!


Stress tests for climate risk

Stress tests need to adjust for climate risk.  New research explains why and how.


Automatic stabilizers and low interest rates

Blanchard, Summers and Eichenbaum debate the right design of automatic stabilizers when monetary policy looses its power.


Agent-based modelling

Is an interdisciplinary approach to macroeconomic modelling beneficial?


To kill innovation…

Are incumbent firms acquiring innovative potential entrants just to shut down the entrant’s innovative endeavors?

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