As the global population ages…

… will interest rates rise or fall? Two recent research papers argue on the opposite sides.


The pandemic cycle

More pandemics are sure to come: how economies can become resilient.


New research on zombie firms

Is zombie credit a disinflationary? How to use machine learning to identify characteristics of zombie firms.

Monetary Policy

Politics and monetary policy

Can a central bank affect the political selection  and accountability of the executive?


Will Amazon get unionized?

If the Amazon union vote succeeds it has the potential to change labor relations in the US.


Macro policy and heterogeneous agents

New research on the household balance sheet channels of macroeconomic policy.


Thoughts on the post COVID-19 economy

Will consumption rebound stronger in the US or Europe? What are the risks of rising leverage? Will there be a spike in inflation?

Financial Markets

US banks during COVID-19

Why did bank stock crash?  What happened to bank lending?


What are mCBDCs?

New research on how multiple central bank issued digital currencies can facilitate cross-border payments.


New and noteworthy books in economics (March)

For March we have picked two special books on cryptoassets and distributed ledgers;¬† one on macroeconomic models and financial frictions and Mark Carney’s book.

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