New and noteworthy books in economics (September)

Four important books for this month: Brunnermeier on resilience, Tooze on COVID, Eichengreen et al. on debt and Prassad on the end of cash.


Does decarbolisation imply degrowth?

Does the world economy need to grow less in order to reach net zero in 2050? A lively debate!


On diagnostic expectations

New research that studies the psychological foundations of information processing.


Xi’s vision of “common prosperity”

The Chinese government promised a campaign against high earners. This will be the fourth time since the 1980s that China is implementing policies to reduce inequality.

Financial Markets

Shareholders vs Stakeholders, part B

Two years ago a number of U.S. CEOs signed a pledge that they would lead their companies in the interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Did they?


What drives the housing boom-bust cycle

New research on the drivers of housing cycles during the last twenty years.

Financial Markets

Climate stress testing

Three recent research papers on: Pushing the modelling frontier, a new stress testing methodology and a review of recently conducted climate stress tests.

Economic Science

The state of the economics profession

Are economists satisfied with the status quo of economic research? Will the virtual format of workshops and seminars persist post COVID?


Income inequality and macro variables

Inequality is not a distributional issue it is likely a central force shaping broader macro-economic trends.

Monetary Policy

Should Jerome Powell be re-appointed?

There are many divergent views about whether President Biden should re-appoint Jerome Powell.

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