Reforming the Stability Pact and Growth Pact: the Italian view

Recent commentary on whether the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact is necessary and a new proposal.


People’s views on trade

Two recent research papers find that people have a preference towards protectionist policies even if they are provided with evidence-based information on the benefits of trade for goods prices.

Monetary Policy

Inflation targeting: what do economists think?

A look at the theoretical foundation of inflation targeting. The results of a survey of leading researchers and economists from around the world.


Big Techs and credit

Recently, Big Techs have started to provide credit to vendors on their commerce platforms.  How does their risk profile differ from FinTech? How do they impact the effectiveness of monetary policy?


Globalization post-Ukraine war

How will globalization be reshaped after the war? Could we achieve a better globalization?


On sustainable consumption

Do ethical considerations restrict the rate at which society consumes? Given growth rates of aggregate production and wealth, what level of consumption is sustainable?

Monetary Policy

Does the public trust central banks?

How do knowledge and attitudes affect the public's trust in central banks. Which central banks are considered trustworthy.

Emerging Markets

On preemptive capital controls

The IMF recently published a policy paper allowing the preemptive use of capital flow management. What does the research show?


How fast can China grow?

China’s economy appears to be stalling. Has the country’s pattern of growth shifted in the wrong direction?

Monetary Policy

The Fed’s balance sheet runoff and the demand for reserves

New research examines the relation between reserve demand and the effective federal funds rate -interest on reserves spread.

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