Working women: plus ça change…

Could the slowdown in recent business cycle recoveries be attributed to female employment? How social norms affect the marriage gap between skilled and unskilled women ?

Monetary Policy


How to mitigate the macro-financial risks arising from the lower-for-longer monetary policy stance adopted by central banks in advanced countries.


On the social discount rate

How to calculate the social discount rate in a risky world.

Monetary Policy

Distributional considerations and monetary policy

Two HANK models highlight the channels through which monetary policy creates winners and losers.


On bigger banks

New research on how  increased concentration in the banking industry affects the economy.

International Economics

The global minimum tax agreement

A historic deal, according to Dani Rodrik; too low of a tax rate, according to Gabriel Zucman.


Social platforms and dystopic societies

Jean Tirole and Daron Acemoglu discuss social networks, artificial intelligence, political extremism and government surveillance.


US inflation: a real concern

Why the current US inflation increase might not be temporary.

Monetary Policy

Societal concerns and central banking

Isabel Schnabel and Lars Hansen on the role of central banks in shaping policy.


Value chains, tariffs and COVID

How did global value chains get reorganized after the US tariffs of 2018? Does renationalization increase resilience?

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