Economics or culture?

Income or culture predicts health behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic?


New and noteworthy books in economics (May)

We have picked four books whose authors are thinking outside the box on trade, healthcare, monetary policy and pandemics.

International Economics

Post COVID: will the dollar be in trouble?

The crisis has reaffirmed the dollar’s role as the ultimate safe haven but at the same time it has also widen the faultlines.


Jobs at risk in the EU

Which European regions are more at risk of facing a labor market crisis induced by the pandemic?


The COVID-19 debt crisis

How can advanced economies deal with rising debt after the crisis is over.


The importance of open data

How can statistics capture the current state of the economy? How can AI play a significant role in the fight against COVID?


A refutation

A new paper refutes earlier findings that non-pharmaceutical interventions during the 1918 Spanish flu led to higher subsequent economic growth.


How do you like teleworking?

A considerable number of employees is forced to work from home: new research on how this arrangement is affecting people’s lives.

Monetary Policy

Germany’s highest court challenges the ECB

The decision by Germany’s highest court on PSPP (Public Sector Purchase Programme) is one for the books. But this is not the time to go after PEPP (Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program) next.


A COVID vaccine will require really big spending

Brand new research by Michael Kremer and al. on how to incentivize firms to quickly develop and manufacture at large scale a COVID vaccine.

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