New and noteworthy books in economics (April)

A Short History of Brexit - From Brentry to Backstop Author: Kevin O'Rourke - University of Oxford O'Rourke, one of ...
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“The biggest puzzle in economics”

The fading stars According to GutiƩrrez and Philippon "the biggest puzzle in economics" is why the superstars firms of today ...
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On collective agreements

Collective bargaining in Italy and Germany This column compares the impact of different wage bargaining models in Italy, which has ...
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Views on immigration and redistribution

Do voters have stable immigration views? We find that immigration attitudes are remarkably stable over time and robust to major ...
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/ Inequality

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

What are the Chinese buying? In this paper Fuest and al. use a large dataset on cross-border M&A deals to ...
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Identification via the ZLB

The ZLB as a form of structural change that can be exploited for identification I develop a general econometric methodology ...
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When economists tackle morality…

Moral preferences and visibility Reputational concerns are supposed to provide the best incentive for people to behave morally. Benabou and ...
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Debating the Summers-Lukasz paper on secular stagnation

Maybe a different set of conclusions might be in order: Risk premia The world economy today desperately wants to hold ...
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/ Economic Growth

The drop in US listed firms

Small firms are fleeing that US stock exchanges Doidge and al. find that as of the end of 2016, the ...
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Challenges to central bank independence

Central banks face a trade-off Central banks need to answer: What economic problems, are not your job to worry about? ...
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